More Microsoft Woes…


Why does anyone even bother with Visual Studio? Here’s yet another ludicrous example. I wanted to put a reportviewer control onto a webpage and deploy it.¬†First issue; no report viewer control in the toolbox. This is not installed by default … Continue Reading →

Why IIS is so poor…

So I am doing some PHP development work at the moment and I need to deploy this to an IIS server. So MS in their infinite wisdom have yet another three letter acronym (WPI) for their ‘Web Platform Installer’. The … Continue Reading →

Back in the game…

I noticed that this blog has been neglected for some time so time to get back into it and report on trials and tribulations in software development world! I am going to be covering what tools I am currently using, … Continue Reading →

Swift Programming


The word is Swift. So, if you haven’t heard already the web is buzzing with announcement that Apple made at this years Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). They unveiled a brand new programming language called Swift. The reason for releasing a … Continue Reading →

More Udemy Courses…

The udemy platform continues to be a great way to share knowledge. Of all the current courses I have done are now available from this link. If you want something of a technical bias then there is SQL (a core … Continue Reading →

More on Cross Platform Development


So cross platform from one code base is the holy grail. We spend alot of time looking at tools on the market as for us its about improving delivery times and maintainability. What you typically find however is that where … Continue Reading →

SQL Tutorial


I have developed a SQL tutorial for anyone wishing to learn the basics of SQL and start working with Microsoft SQL Server. The course has videos, course outlines, PDF versions of the courseware. You can get it here.

So MVP is easy right?

Straight Jacket

So you’ve bought yourself a copy of ‘The Lean Startup‘ you’ve read countless web articles and you know what MVP stands for. O and its ‘minimum viable product’ if you didn’t know. What is MVP? Well in a nutshell its … Continue Reading →

Equity Stake for Development

equity share mobile development

You know there is huge demand for apps and people who have an idea want to get it developed as cheaply as possible. Sure, we understand, thats just human nature. We all want to get something as cheaply as we … Continue Reading →

Dynamic content using AngularJS


There are constantly shifting trends in web development and app development. The current vogue is for something called ‘Single Page Applications’ or SPAs (yep another acronym). The idea being that you provide a single static HTML page to user and … Continue Reading →

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